In September 2018, the Phenomenal Woman Action Campaign coordinated a full-page ad in the New York Times with signatures of 1,600 men showing their support for Christine Blasey Ford, and survivors everywhere.

This initiative paid homage to the 1991 full-page ad taken out by 1,600 black women who signed their names in support of Anita Hill.

The #1600Men campaign achieved 15.1 million impressions and ultimately garnered over 13,000 signatures. 

Phenomenal Voter

The #PhenomenalVoter campaign encouraged voting on election day in the 2018 midterm elections. The campaign achieved 124.9 million impressions via celebrity ambassadors, including Tracee Ellis Ross, Mark Ruffalo, Ariel Winter, and Lucy Hale.

Phenomenally Latina

On Latina Equal Pay Day 2018, our #PhenomenallyLatina campaign partnered with Justice for Migrant Women to raise awareness around the pay gap and the distinct challenges faced by Latinas.

This campaign achieved 95 million impressions, and every shirt benefits the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health.

I'm Gonna Win

The I'm Gonna Win Collection is inspired by an iconic photo of Diana Ross wearing a t-shirt with the same phrase.

This collection benefits Higher Heights, which is building a national infrastructure to harness Black women's political power.

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Phenomenally Asian

Asians around the world are experiencing racism in the wake of the Coronavirus, and hatred and violence are only encouraged when people in positions of power use racist rhetoric like "Chinese Virus" and "Kung-Flu." 

Let's call it for what it is: a global pandemic.

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Phenomenal Mother

The Phenomenal Woman Action Campaign partnered with non-profit Families Belong Together to mobilize mothers across the country to help end family separation at the border.

Phenomenal Farmworker

The federal government has declared farmworkers "essential workers" during the COVID-19 crisis. This means that, right now, farmworkers are still laboring from sunup to sundown under the scorching sun to plant, pick, and pack the produce that we eat, despite grave risks to their own health.


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