Phenomenal Farmworker

Phenomenal Farmworkers
Phenomenal Farmworker
The federal government has declared farmworkers "essential workers" during the COVID-19 crisis. This means that, right now, farmworkers are still laboring from sunup to sundown under the scorching sun to plant, pick, and pack the produce that we eat, despite grave risks to their own health.
Even though there are more than two million farmworkers in our nation, they largely remain invisible. In fact, it took a global pandemic for the government to acknowledge what we’ve always known: farmworkers are phenomenal. They are critical to society, and our very existence depends on their labor and the work of other food production and delivery workers.
We partnered with Justice for Migrant Women to launch the Phenomenal Farmworker initiative during National Farmworker Awareness Week to celebrate the power and contributions of farmworkers and to encourage support of the Farmworkers' Pandemic Relief Fund.